Frequently Asked Questions

What’s your session fee?
$200 for a weekday session.  $350 for a weekend session.  Please request a quote for more than 6 people or for an on-location shoot.

Do you offer full resolution digital images?
We do!  Please visit our Product and Pricing Guide for details on collection options.

Do you require a minimum investment?
We do not require a minimum investment.  We believe each client’s photography needs are unique and therefore, we encourage you to invest as little or as much as your budget allows.

Do you have a studio?
We have a cozy home studio located near Buckner Rd. and Garland Rd.  We are very close to the Dallas Arboretum and White Rock Lake.  While most of our family sessions are outdoors, we mostly photograph newborns in the studio.  Consultations and ordering sessions are also held at our studio.

Do you offer a baby plan?
Yes!  When you decide to document your baby’s first year with Mel Marie Photography you’ll enjoy a $200 print credit to all of your sessions within that first year.  We suggest three sessions:  newborn (1-2 weeks), sitting up (6-8 months) and walking (10-13 months.)

When should I call to schedule my newborn session?
Please contact our studio well before your due date to schedule your newborn session.  Newborns are best photographed at 7-10 days old to capture that perfect newness.

What do I need to bring to my newborn session?
Just your baby.  :) Ok you may need a little more than that, but not much.  We have everything you’ll need for your newborn session available at our studio.  Including diapers, wipes, blankets, adorable knitted hats and much, much more.  We will provide you with additional information before your appointment to ensure your newborn session goes as smoothly as possible.

How will I view my images after our session?
We will schedule an ordering session at our studio 5-7 days after your session.  While you are not required to place your order at this time, you will receive a discount for your order that is placed during this session.  We typically know what your ultimate goal is before your portrait session, so this appointment is more about narrowing down your proofs to your absolute favorites.  Fun!!

Do you offer internships for new photographers?
We don’t offer internships, however we are always happy to help fellow photographers!  The photography market is a very competitive one and unfortunately it can be difficult to find someone with experience to offer guidance.  While we certainly don’t have all the answers, we’ve made enough mistakes along the way to tell you what not to do.  Give us a call and let’s grab coffee…we can learn from each other!

What’s in your bag?
Canon 5D Mark II, 50 mm 2.5, 24-70 mm 2.8, 70-200 mm 2.8, dum-dums and goldfish.  :)